that person you saw crying today? that’s me not going to comic con

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Colored lineart, made by beansterpie

Because lkughlakdfgt;kahyrt BABIES


Happiness. Gorgeous, glorious, happiness.

You know, as much as we focus on the heat and the passion and the UNF-ness of sex in fanfic/fanart, the giggly bits are fantastic too. I need to remember that when I’m writing. More giggly ‘damn it that position didn’t work, aw hell’ sex. Hm. Definitely need to do that sometime. :)

Exaaaactly. The joy, man. Gotta bring the joy, too.

That’s one thing I’m finding I’m missing in some of my more recent pieces. Everything is so damn serious. I mean, I miss stuff like this:

“In that case,” John says lazily, trailing his fingers down Sherlock’s hip (because he can, now, and isn’t it marvelous?), “did you really do the washing up?”

Sherlock turns to look at John over his shoulder. “Of course I did,” he says.

“What about that snake? It’s gone off, and I’m tired of smelling it.”

There’s nothing but silence and Sherlock’s eyes darting away as he turns over and buries his head against the pillow.

“Sherlock, really…” John starts, but Sherlock hops out of bed in annoyance.

“No. I’m not getting rid of it. I’m not done with it yet.” Sherlock looks ready to execute an almighty flounce, and when he turns his back to John, presenting him with a perfect, pale target, John can’t help himself.

“You know I told you to bin it,” John says, affecting his best no-nonsense, do-as-I-say voice, and reaches out quickly to lay a slap against Sherlock’s arse that echoes in the quiet room.

He tries to look stern, crossing his arms and frowning, but when Sherlock turns around, open-mouthed with shock and disbelief, John can only hold it for a second and falls apart laughing on the bed. “Oh God, your face,” he says between breaths.

“Oh, you’re going to pay for that, John Watson,” Sherlock growls, and tackles him against the bed.

“Yes, Sir,” John says, laughing. He’ll be more than happy to.

-From The Early Early Night

We definitely need more joyous, fun sex. C’mon, Roane. DO IT.

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it’s not queer fetishization if you think Sherlock would suck a dick with a lot of emotion behind it

that’d be some 

*puts sunglasses on*

deep throating

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but what if greg’s on the rugby team and molly does ballet and they are a couple. what if greg knows his teammate john is bisexual and looking for a relationship and molly knows the perfect boy from ballet to set him up on a date with

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A reminder.

Just in case you ever think you’re "reading too much into things" when watching Sherlock…

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"there’s going to be a terrorist attack on london"

"do you like this shirt? where’s john"

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What can we deduce from this photoshoot?

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Lestrade has a picture on his phone of Sherlock staring longingly at John. One he can't get himself to delete, despite knowing he probably should. One day he'll be at the pub with John, who will start talking after a couple of pints. It'll all be about Sherlock, and it'll end with Lestrade showing John the picture on his phone going "y'know he feels the same way..." John will leave the pub almost immediately right after, and the next day Lestrade gets a text saying "Thank you, Garfield. SH". IDK




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john pushing sherlock’s fluff of hair back to kiss him on the forehead is important to me(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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… hell is something you carry around with you. ―Neil Gaiman

url graphic for moriarty221b

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today i corrected someone who said accidentally said the monster’s name was frankenstein and i said “frankenstein was the scientist not the monster”

then my professor went “but was frankenstein not the monster?” and i had to sit down for a minute

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Why aren’t they in separate cells, if this one only has one bunk?

Flashback to ASiB, when John cancels his date so that he can put drugged!Sherlock to bed and be there if he needs anything.

What do you want to bet John refused to leave drunk!Sherlock alone and insisted on putting him to bed—er, bunk—and being there if he needed anything. And it was too much trouble to try to separate them, so they just said “your loss” and let John sleep on the floor, sitting by Sherlock’s bedside.

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sherlock sending john pictures of him in the belstaff coat (◡‿◡✿)

sherlock sending john pictures of him in just the belstaff coat (◕‿◕✿)

Welcome to my world.

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Imagine Sherlock trying to cook for John on special occasions? He would try his best to make everything perfect for his John, but would over cook the green peppers and the rice would be too soft. Eventually he'd ask Mrs. Hudson for help, but he wouldn't tell John that she did. Eventually he would confess though.




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